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Coronavirus / COVID 19 Update

The strictest hygiene and sterilisation techniques are used by our practice - we ensure all patients are safe. Our General Manager is WHO Certified in Emergency Management and Quarantine procedures (she used to run a Global Humanitarian Agency). Dr Maratos will not treat any patient with a cold / Flu symptoms at this current time because we want all of you to be safe

We are offering FREE Video Consultations to stay in touch, answer any questions, or maybe you're curious about what we do, and more importantly, make sure you're OK.

What sets us apart?


Our Areas of Expertise

Our Areas of Expertise

Our Areas of Expertise

At The Snore Fix Doctor we know your time is precious, that’s why we simplify your choice by making a bold and accurate statement…if you need the best dentist in Hampton, Brighton and Bayside Melbourne, then Dr Ian Maratos is the Dental Surgeon for you. 

With 15 years of specialised study in the USA, 35 years in General Practice, and experience in the United Kingdom, Dr Ian is gentle, fast, listens to his patients, (remembers who you are) and is virtually pain free. We also do our absolute best to run on schedule because we respect your time constraints.

Our Practice has special expertise in: 

*Family & General Dentistry * Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Management * Sleep Disordered Breathing *Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome * TMJ/TMD Treament *Physiologic Mandibular Advancement Splints (MAS) *Bruxism, *Migraine, *Jaw Misalignment *Invisalign *Somnomed


Wellness Support

Our Areas of Expertise

Our Areas of Expertise

Quality sleep is vital to a healthy life, good cardiac health and maximum productivity.  Sleep Apnoea is exhausting and for many patients it can be treated effectively without surgery or a CPAP machine. 

Pain alleviation, partner disturbance from Snoring and Bruxism aren't conditions you need to live with, or endure.. We know we can help.  

No matter what your health needs are, we will keep you on the path to meeting them and offer you support along the way. Together, we'll create a real life solution for your sleep or pain disorder  - developed by Dr Maratos and laboratory crafted to your unique physiologic needs.

We understand your concerns and questions don't stop when office hours are over. Using our direct message service, you can contact our health team when it’s convenient for you. (We'll answer the next business day)

A significant bonus:  Scientific studies indicate great slumber = improved llibido.


A Healthy Community

Our Areas of Expertise

A Healthy Community

When you choose us, you join a community of global experts and gain access to vast experience. 

Dr Ian Maratos is the only Physiologically Trained clinician in Melbourne, Australia. As a Dental Surgeon he has dedicated his professional life to studying and achieving excellence in treatment for his patients.

Having honed his skills for a decade and a half through higher study and therapeutic practice, his clinical expertise now sees him partner, in consultation, with leading ENT Specialists, Sleep Physicians, Respiratory Physicians and Cardiologists to achieve the best possible health outcomes for their mutual patients. 

We work not just with you, we build a network of people working together for a healthier you.

Having treatment with us is 'haute couture' for your smile and a perfect fit for you.

The Snore Fix Doctor is like Dior for your snore.


Just a few qualifications......



The Snore Fix Doctor, Dr Ian Maratos chats about health, quality of life,  and how to improve your sleep .........easily by fixing your snoring problems.